Gardena 1864 инструкция

View and Download Gardena 1197 operating instructions manual online 1864, 1866 se deberá utilizar el “Programa 15” (Ref. 1814 “Special programme”).

gardena 1864 инструкция

Таймер подачи воды MasterControl(1864) системой микрокапельного полива или системой дождевания GARDENA Инструкции и документация. Browse 1864 user manuals that are the most popular on our site Gardena Water Computer C 1060 plus 1864-20 Leaflet. Gardena Water Computer C. 2030 Larger image. buy 1860 at amazon resource manual, gardena c1060 plus GARDENA 1864-CA Water Computer C1060 Plus New GARDENA 2724-CA. Product Code: 1864-28 1864-28. Availability: Gardena Water Timer C 1060 plus is a water computer to automate your irrigation system. Attached to the tap. Поставки садовой инструкции, таймеров gardena полива Gardena (Гардена), Таймер Гардена 1864 включения и отключения контура подачи воды.

The GARDENA Water Computer MasterControl is attached to the tap and controls the automatic irrigation of your garden.